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The CEER Training Academy helps energy regulation professionals achieve their objectives.

Strengthen your professional skills with our specialised courses and network with peers across Europe!

Benefits of our programs

Our lecturers are recognised experts from European energy regulatory authorities, as well as international institutions, academia and energy industry professionals. 

Practical & Interactive

Our trainings are designed to provide knowledge in a practical approach and through interactive learning. Our learners' satisfaction is our best asset in demonstrating the quality of our trainings.

Network with peers,
across the EU

Our learners across Europe benefit from the best practices from their peers. More than courses, the CEER Training Academy provides you with multiple opportunities to connect and engage with like-minded professionals.

For your career

Whether you want to boost your career within your current organisation or update your knowledge, the CEER Training Academy has what you need.

Since our establishment in 2014:


CEER training courses 


staff trained from
86 regulators and other organisations




CEER Training Academy: strengthening the impact of key players in energy regulation
Aim high, see big, regulate wisely.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in a rapidly changing legislative environment as Europe transitions to a net-zero future?

  • Are you unsure how it will impact energy regulation and your professional work?

  • Are you keen to learn more about the fundamentals of European energy policy?

  • Or do you have questions on specialised or technical areas like REMIT or energy trading?

Joining the CEER Training Academy will help you gain confidence in your day-to-day regulatory work.

The CEER Training Academy programme is designed by regulators for regulatory staff to address their needs. 

Participants’ Testimonials

"Without hesitation, I would eagerly join CEER trainings again and recommend them to colleagues. The quality of content, coupled with the expertise of the instructors, made it a truly enriching experience.

The continuous updates on regulatory changes and emerging trends in the energy sector ensure that these trainings are relevant and beneficial for anyone seeking to stay abreast of developments within this ever-evolving sector."

Tiani Everaet

Legal Advisor at CREG (Belgium), participated in the 2023 CEER Introduction Training to EU Energy Regulatory Framework & Policy – Modules I and II; and the CEER Training on Regulation of Infrastructure to Support the Energy Transition
"The CEER Training Academy can be a valuable step for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge, expand their professional network, and advance their careers in the field of energy regulation in Europe.

The courses cover a wide array of relevant topics, engage energy stakeholders and are up to date with sector developments. This makes the CEER Training Academy a leading institution in providing high-quality education and training in energy."

TOMÁŠ Kupčiha 

Senior Specialist at ERÚ (Czech Republic), participated in the 2023 CEER-EFET Training on European Wholesale Electricity and Gas Market Trading
“The topics covered were truly diverse and accommodated participants with various energy specialisations and interests. All the trainers were highly accomplished experts in their respective fields. They were engaging and always available for discussions and exchange during the breaks.

It was also a great opportunity to meet fellow lawyers and regulatory professionals from other countries and make new professional connections. I returned to work inspired and eager to share the new insights I gained with my colleagues.”

Lidia Anderson

Senior Legal Adviser at Ofgem (UK), participated in the 2023 Training on Legal and Regulatory Challenges

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate?

Generally, the CEER courses are designed for the staff of energy national regulatory authorities (NRAs). While participants from European institutions (ACER, European Commission) are also welcome to attend, priority is given to CEER members and observers.
Participation by representatives from other Institutions (i.e. academics) can be allowed on an ad-hoc basis.

Some training courses are open to the public, such as those on the Regulation of DSOs and the CEER-EFET Training on European Wholesale Electricity and Gas Market Trading.

If a public course is approaching capacity, CEER members’ and observers’ staff have registration priority.

Why should I get involved and what can I expect to gain from the courses?

By joining the CEER Training Academy courses, you can gain confidence in your day-to-day regulatory work by enlarging your knowledge and expertise on key fundamental or topic specific aspects of the European energy regulatory environment. You benefit from the input from energy regulators, academics, or industry representatives. You make most of the discussions and exchanges with the trainers and other participants.

Are the courses suited for 'beginners’? And for more advanced participants?

The CEER Training Academy courses deliver job-related skills for staff of NRAs across all levels, from introductory to advanced.
Some of the training courses are more suitable for experts from NRAs with previous experience in the training topic but also for those who want to improve their expertise and exchange experiences.
Our modular approach in designing the course programme supports the development of professional expertise in energy regulators.

What topics do your course cover?

Our Training Academy courses focus on topics of relevance to CEER’s member and observer NRAs, mostly in a European context.

What is the course language?

The trainings are held exclusively in English with no interpretation possible.

Will I be certified?

A CEER Training Academy certificate will be delivered to participants who have completed the course.

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